Collection: Boss Mare Collection

In a world where being a Boss Mare means more than just calling the shots, there's a tribe of women who are resilient and passionate to the core. Despite their setbacks in life, they have returned with a light and enlightenment that is brighter than all the stars in the sky. They're not just the iconic mare ruling the herd... they're living, breathing embodiments of attitude and resilience.

These women aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, to dive headfirst into what they believe with a passion that burns brighter than the sun. They're nostalgic about their past, rooted in the traditions that shaped them, yet always looking forward, and uplifting other women along the way.

For them, sweat is a badge of honor. They wear grass stains, cat hair and dog drool on their shirts like symbols of a life fully lived, from the barn to the grocery store to the boardroom without skipping a beat. And they go to bed feeling that really “lived” the day.

Love flows freely from their hearts, whether for their beloved animals or the people who matter most. They've fought tough battles and worked their butts off, brushing off “you’re so lucky” praise with a nonchalant 'phhh' because they know they've earned every ounce of success.

These women make their own rules, unafraid to stand tall and shine bright, illuminating the path for others to follow. They don't idolize celebrities; they idolize the givers and the helpers, those who make a real difference in the world.

But most importantly, they're reconnecting with the little girl who once rode bareback, who had fire in her belly and dreams as big as the sky. She's back, and she's hungry for that connection to something real, to the raw, unfiltered beauty of life.

For these women, conversations with animals are not just normal; they're essential. They understand the language of the wild, the wisdom of the earth, and the power of connection. So, if you're a woman who makes her own rules, who knows she can power through almost anything, join the tribe of Boss Mares and claim your place in the herd.