Collection: Soti's Collection

I’m Soti. Sometimes people call me “Soti Pop” because I look like a root beer float. I was born in Iowa, and both of my horse parents were born in Iceland and then imported to the US. I like everyone, especially Glytja. I would do anything for my sisters, except share my grain. When a strange animal approaches one of my sisters, I will get in the middle and protect them. I’m also the “buffer” on trail rides. I’m not really scared of anything. I even get along with bison. I love campfires and pancakes. Oh, and watermelon. I love making new friends. If another horse is scared of something, I can usually calm him/her down. The Mom says I’m the big teddy bear. I have lived at alot of farms and one of my previous parents even gave up on me, but I have a family now and I’m not going anywhere.