Dear Diary, Love Glytja chapter book

Dear Diary, Love Glytja chapter book

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Our first chapter book is available!

Glytja is a real Icelandic horse who lives in Wisconsin. She has three adopted brothers and one adopted sister who are also Icelandic horses. Her human parents, a couple of cats, and the little herd of horses are a family, now, even though they didn’t start out that way. Each one of the horses had difficult times in the past, but now they’re  together and safe. Best of all, they are loved. Families come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and the horses and humans and cats are very glad to have each other.

A few years ago, Glytja and her human mom (“The Mom”) started sharing stories of the horses and the farm on Facebook and pretty soon Glytja had a lot of friends and followers. It’s surprising how much horses are like people. Horses can be scared or happy or hungry or shy or friendly or worried just like people are. That’s why Glytja likes telling the stories: they show us we’re all connected, that we can make it through hard times, that accepting and taking care of others (both humans and animals) is super important, and that it’s so much fun to laugh. Glytja and The Mom are really excited to share stories and give everyone a peek into her diary. You just might find you’re an awful lot like one of the herd.

Here are the chapters:


1. Let’s Start With The Basics
2. Boss Mare Rules
3. Tough Stuff
4. Finding My Way Home
5. Soti Pop
6. My Sister the Stjar
7. How I Discovered My Superpower
8. Double Trouble But Twice as Nice
9. Kommi: From Iceland With Love
10. Hermie The Frosted Giant
11. First I Was Worried . . . Then Bam!
12. The Funnies
13. What Kind of Horse Are You Anyway?
14. Rescuing Lucy
15. The Why

”I can’t stop reading it! It is adorable, funny and everything rolled into one.”
”I LOVE it! I have laughed so many times… Stjarna is a mixture of tornado and pink lemonade. It couldn’t be more precious.”
I love it. When I read it, I can hear Glytja talking to me. She touches on so much. Not just for horses, but for people, too.”
”I received my book Glytja...OMG, your mom is a wonderful author! I only read the first chapter so far...Only because my son says he wants to buy it from me to give to me for Christmas! Perfect! Can't wait to read the whole thing! 🐴”
”IamGlytja The way you have written this book is perfect for the age group of students (mostly girls) that take lessons at the equestrian center where I ride & volunteer. It is humorous yet educational. Since it is written in chapters, we could stop after reading a few chapters and pick it up the next time! Love ! “